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Dental Products
Aclaim Toothpaste

Aclaim toothpaste contains nano particles of hydroxyapatite which is similar to natural hydroxyapatite of tooth. Aclaim toothpaste helps to get relief from sensitivity by deeper penetration of nano hydroxyapatite particles in to the open dentinal tubules and forming a bio-mimetic apatite layer on the dentin surface for additional protection. Aclaim toothpaste also fills the micro cracks of the enamel and helps for remineralization. Aclaim toothpaste is available in 70gm pack with nice peppermint flavor.

Amflor Oral Rinse

Amflor Oral Rinse is the trusted partner during fixed orthodontic treatment. Amflor Oral Rinse contains Amine Fluoride which is an organic fluoride. Amflor Oral Rinse actively spreads over the tooth surface and remineralizes the demineralized enamel. Amflor Oral Rinse is very useful to prevent decalcification (white spot lesions) under and around the orthodontic bands and brackets. Amflor Oral Rinse also helps to maintain good oral hygiene. Amflor Oral Rinse is available in convenient monthly pack of 450 ml and 170 ml.

Amflor Toothpaste

Amflor toothpaste contains Amine Fluoride which is an organic fluoride. Amflor toothpaste offers active remineralizing action for superior results.

Amine fluoride remineralizes the demineralised enamel and helps to strengthen enamel. Amflor toothpaste offers better remineralization as compared to inorganic fluorides like sodium monofluorophosphate or sodium fluoride. Amflor toothpaste helps to fight against cavities. Amflor toothpaste is available in 70gm pack.

Dental products
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